#1 What's the difference between the WARP10 and the TREATLITE device for low-level laser therapy? by ivandic 10.01.2016 22:47


About 6 months ago I discovered TREATLITE, a laser device for pain self-management (http://www.treatlite.de). TREATLITE is used by more and more patients for the self-management of eye diseases (including patients with RP). Regular low-level laser therapy is necessary to achieve and maintain the initial success. With TREATLITE you can do this in a simple and safe way.

Many RP patients know or use already the WARP10 LED device at home. Only few know the TREATLITE device. But the TREATLITE has already raised some interest and patients want to know the differences.

In order to answer this question I copy/pasted from the WARP homepage http://www.warp-light.com/res_faq.html#6 (quotes in italics) and compared their facts to those of the TREATLITE device (bold letters).

„How long of a dose (exposure) is required for reliable PBMT (Photobiomodulation Therapy)?
NASA research has determined that the radiant Power of Flux to produce reliable PBMT results must be equal to or greater than 0.050 W/cm² (or 50mW/cm2 = 50 milliwatts per centimeter squared).“

The WARP10 has a radiant power of flux (or power density) of 50 mW/cm² whereas the TREALTITE (model TREATLITE active) has a power density of 150 mW/cm² (3x as much). However, TREATLITE does not cause heating or damage of tissue. It is a device for photobiomodulation therapy just as the WARP10 is.

„What wavelength does the WARP 10 operate at? 
The WARP 10® operates at a peak wavelength of 670nm.“

The TREATLITE has a wavelength of 808 nm (infrared). This is the major difference to the WARP which operates at 670 nm (far red).

„How many LEDs does the WARP 10 have?
The WARP 10 utilizes 48 Chip mount LED die to provide 50 mW/cm2 over a 10cm2 diameter area, delivering approximately 4 joules per 88 second dose.“

The TREATLITE has a single laser diode and delivers 3.8 Joules in a 24 second dose. In contrast to WARP’s LEDs, TREATLITE's laser diode produces coherent and polarized light which is known to be a more effective way to deliver energy to the tissue (less loss of energy due to reflection and dispersion).

„Is the WARP 10 FDA approved? What is the indicated use of the WARP 10?
The WARP 10 LED lighting system is FDA cleared for market and is intended for the treatment of chronic pain by emitting energy in the Nearinfrared spectrum for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm; relieving stiffness; promoting relaxation of muscle tissue; and to temporarily increase local blood circulation where applied.“

The TREATLITE is a Class 1 medical product approved by European Legal Authorities for the self-management of pain, equivalent to the indicated use of the WARP10. So far, the manufacturer of the TREATLITE did not apply for FDA clearance.

In summary, compared to the WARP10 the TREATLITE emits the same amount of energy in a third of the time, because it has a 3x higher power density. The higher power density and the longer infrared wavelength of the TREATLITE laser result in a much deeper penetration and delivery of energy to the tissue. More energy will reach the retina at the back of the eye. We have confirmed this examining enucleated pig eyes from the slaughter house.

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