#1 Retinitis Pigmentosa by ivandic 07.01.2016 22:55


Warm welcome! Share your experiences with Retinitis Pigmentosa. Discuss with us, whether Low-level Laser Therapy may help you or has already helped you. We are looking forward to your contributions and comments. You can already contribute using a Guest login.

#2 RE: Retinitis Pigmentosa by Natalie 10.01.2016 21:18


I am pleased to see this forum. I became interested in LLLT for RP after reading Dr. Ivandic's case study in PubMed. My RP is autosomal dominant with very limited vision. According to what I have read, I most likely will not respond. However, I ascribe to the philosophy of Christopher Reeve when he stated, "Where hope is present, anything is possible". So, I decided to try LLLT.

I noticed a slight lift in function after using the WARP10 device, which is different from the TREATLITE. I would love more information on how the devices differ. The change was not life changing, but something.

My next step is to try the TREATLITE. My current vision is 20/175 with about 3-6 degrees of central vision. I can still recognize faces and use my computer with inverse settings.

I take vasodilators per research out of the University of Basel which shows that circulatory changes in RP patients happen prior to deterioration as opposed to being a secondary effect. I also read some work by Cellini that stated that RP patients have high levels of ET-1. This is how I decided to start taking a calcium channel blocking vasodilator. My hope is that the combination of increased ocular blood flow with the stimulation of ATP production from the TREATLITE might help preserve the sight I have.

I recently had an ERG and a full eye exam with my retina specialist, Dr. Jeremiah Brown in San Antonio, Texas. He is very intrigued and will follow my progress or lack thereof. Regardless of my own personal benefit, I am happy to see that LLLT is getting attention and I look forward to hearing more positive stories from people early in the disease process.

#3 RE: Retinitis Pigmentosa by ivandic 10.01.2016 21:29


Many thanks for joining our group, Natalie. I cross all fingers for more improvement by using the TREATLITE device (http://www.treatlite.de). After all, the WARP10 device did not seem completely ineffective. I will answer your question about the technical differences between the WARP10 and the TREATLITE in a separate thread below. Indeed, yesterday someone else asked me already the same question. All the best.

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