#1 Macular Degeneration by ivandic 07.01.2016 22:54


Warm welcome! Share your experiences with Macular Degeneration. Discuss with us, whether Low-level Laser Therapy may help you or has already helped you. We are looking forward to your contributions and comments. You can already contribute using a Guest login.

#2 RE: Macular Degeneration by Lennart 09.01.2016 11:56


I am Lennart Larsson in Sweden. At a visit to my optician they suspected beginning of cataract and referred me to an ophthalmologist. After a long time´s waiting I got an appointment. The diagnosis was wet AMD and no sense in giving injections.
I contacted Dr. Boris Ivandic, who I knew was researching about curing AMD by laser treatment.
He suggested using the Treatlite Active, 120 mW, 808 nm and to give one dosage of 24 sec. every day during one week and then twice a week with closed lid and moving the laser slowly with a light pressure around the lid.
After two months at a new appointment with my doctors they astonished found that the swelling almost disappeared. At the next visit after another two months the eye was healed and only a small scar was to be seen. I am now giving one or two dosages a week to maintain the results. I have got full sight back.

#3 RE: Macular Degeneration by ivandic 10.01.2016 15:13


Dear Lennart, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Obviously, TREATLITE made all the difference for you and saved your vision. Your story also taught us that AMD is a chronic disease that requires regular low-level laser therapy to be kept under control. I may add, as a medical doctor, that - if present - the risk factors arterial hypertension and elevated blood cholesterol should be aggressively lowered, too. This helps.

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